Why to choose Natural Dyes for your newborn’s wardrobe?

Posted by Biplob Bora on

Natural dyeing has been an aged tradition in India. Recent invention of chemical dyes and their disproportionate usage has caused health related problems. The vegetable dyed and printed fabrics adorned homes not only in India but in western world too. The people who are conscious about the environment have been searching for alternatives to synthetic dyes. This has led to the reinvention of natural dyes.

Natural dyes are obtained from renewable resources and the usage of these dyes contributes to the conservation of nature. As the pigment content in these dyes is very low, lots of source raw material is required. Natural dyes are not promoted in large quantities as these dyes are consumed only by few specified groups. Lots of variations that give rise to good colours are present in the forests and other waste lands. Collection of these dyes will not only provide livelihood to rural people but also make the dye ready for promoting value chain in natural dyes.

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