Selecting the softest materials for your toddler: Bamboo

Selecting the softest materials for your toddler: Bamboo

Are you looking for the softest baby clothes that are available which is not only  ecofriendly but good for the world too?

When you have a newborn baby at home, you want to do everything you can, to keep the baby comfy. Babies have a very delicate skin, so finding soft, smooth, and breathable fabric is utmost important.

The Made on Earth’s soft bamboo material will keep your baby comfortable and relaxed. The bamboo will help to naturally control their temperature. The soft and flexible bamboo fabric allows your baby to move easily; they will not feel constrained by their clothing. This will be a great benefit as your baby grows and becomes more flexible.

There are numerous other benefits for selecting The Made on Earth’s soft bamboo swaddles for your baby. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton and other common fabrics. This will help keep your baby's skin dry when it is hot outside, and when they are likely to be sweating. Bamboo fibers are also eco-friendly. When you choose bamboo material for your baby's clothing you can feel confident of your choice. Since, bamboo fibers are naturally antimicrobial,  your child's clothing will give them an extra layer of protection. If you see other non-bamboo fabrics that are labeled as antimicrobial, they may have been treated with chemicals to achieve this classification.

When you choose our swaddles for your little one(s), not only will they be comfortable, but they will also be stylish. We have originally designed prints that you and your baby will surely love to have it.  You can choose from newborn sets, perfect pajamas set, or rompers for your little one(s). You will love how adorable they look in their new pajamas. You are going to fall in love with the cute, soft, and stretchy fabric. We only use bamboo, organic cotton, and muslin cotton. 

If you are looking for the softest baby clothing for your little ones, look no further with The Made on Earth you'll rest easy knowing you are dressing your kids in high quality and comfortable clothing!

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