Mindset is a popular topic these days especially among those talking about self-care, mental health, education, and business/entrepreneurship. 
There are several types of mindsets that you hear a lot of buzz about. For example:
* Growth mindset
* Fixed mindset
* Positive mindset
* Money mindset
* Success mindset
* Abundance mindset
But, what is a green mindset?  
I haven’t really heard others using this term , while it’s equally important for the mental and physical health not just of the planet but for us mortals too. How does it feel like staying dressed up with make up in the most expensive clothes in an extremely dirty , filthy, smelly room. Well, not too great right, you would have a constant feeling of spiking your clothes. That’s exactly what we are doing. Focusing on everything but the planet we live in.
A green mindset, in my opinion, is an established set of attitudes or beliefs about going green or becoming more eco-friendly. Furthermore, adopting a green mindset means you are committed to making decisions that lead to an eco-friendly lifestyle.  
Most of us know that we should be more eco-friendly and conscious of how our actions impact the environment, but many people get caught up in our fast-paced world where we all are striving for the most convenient, glitzy, and high-tech items.  
Let’s consider the decision-making process when you make a new purchase.  What questions do you consider? 
* How much will it cost? 
* Will it save me time? 
* Is it something popular and trendy?
* Is it highly coveted or well regarded by my friends or colleagues? 
* How will it make me feel if I buy this? 
Yet, this decision-making process doesn’t really factor into account questions that someone with a green mindset might have. 

Did you consider the environmental impact of your purchase?

If yes tell us in your comments, what questions do you ask yourself when you buy anything?

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